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Deep Dish Pizza Nearby

Chicago is the birth place of dish pizza. Here are some of our favorites near the dock.

Pizzeria Uno
29 E. Ohio St.

Ike Sewell, the creator of deep dish pizza, wanted to change the idea of pizza from being just a snack to a hearty meal by adding impressive amounts of meats, cheeses and vegetables. Grab a slice here and experience where it all started.


Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta
864 N. State St.

Named by Oprah as “her favorite” and a Top 10 in the nation by USA Today, Pizano’s has a secret weapon. The buttery, pastry-like dough is made by octogenarian Donna Marie Malnati, also referred to as the “last link to the genesis of deep-dish pizza” and mother of Pizanos’s Rudy Malnati Jr.  Is in the kitchen fashioning dough balls from an old and secret family recipe that creates their famous, buttery, pastry-like crust.


Exchequer Restaurant & Pub
226 S. Wabash Ave.

During the roaring 20’s this place was rumored to be a speakeasy and used to be a favorite hangout of Al Capone. In 1969, they began serving deep dish pizza and it became an instant favorite. Plus, get a bit of history with your deep dish - the restaurant features over 500 pieces of memorabilia on its walls. It’s a feast for your eyes and belly!

Pizza City, USA
Various Chicago Locations

Want to expand beyond deep dish? Pizza City, USA tours offer an experience that showcases four different styles of pizza. Curated by multiple James Beard Award-winning food reporter Steve Dolinsky, this tour shows there's more to Chicago than just deep-dish! Pizza styles include traditional Chicago deep-dish, an only-in-Chicago Roman al taglio, classic Neapolitan and Sicilian slice.